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 Vida Ikeda



Yoga reminds us to peacefully observe, to be consciousciously present,  to be compassionate to all living things, to pause before reacting, to learn balance, to develop flexibility of body as well as mind. 


Yoga teaches us to take the time to breathe.

Anne teaches a variety of classes including Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Yin/Yang and Yin yoga. As a life-long yoga student, her classes are inspired by her continuous studies of Ayurveda, Chakra energy system, Yoga philosophy, Chinese medicine concepts and Meridian lines, Mindfulness and Thai yoga massage.

Through privates, you have the opportunity to be guided in a customized practice that meets your specific needs. And through the corporate program, you can even bring yoga to work. 


The aim is to create a supportive environment for students to explore their own bodies & minds, to discover a sense of liberation and creativity and to leave the sessions feeling empowered, serene, refreshed, happy and inspired.

Again and again
return like mountain
release like ocean
relax like sky
and rest
rest in the heart of pure awareness.
                                                             - Living Buddha



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