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2 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2018

Ever felt like prolonging the sunny summer just a little? This retreat story will be written in the westernmost country of Europe, the fascinating and postcard-perfect Portugal! Come and extend the light and joyful summertime energy whilst preparing for the more introspective shifts that autumn brings.


There is nothing more healing to us than connecting with nature and living in harmony with its rhythms.


Just like nature, we too are governed by the 5 core energetic elements; Earth (grounding), Air (breath, fluidity), Fire (self worth, passion, courage), Water (rest, stillness) & Ether (space).


During the 'Reset Your Rhythm' retreat you will smell the scents of nature while harmonizing these elements within yourself through nourishing yoga, breathing and meditation practices. You will also be learning simple techniques to take away and apply in your daily life keeping the effect of this retreat alive!

—  Algarve, Portugal 

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